So What is Whey Protein Concentrate??

The USDA defines “Whey Protein Concentrate” as: Protein coming from whey that is between 25% and 89.9% protein (when it's 90% or greater, it is called Whey Protein Isolate). Supplement brands like to use the term "Whey Protein Concentrate" on their labels but never declare what type (%) they are putting in the product. Leaving you, the consumer, thinking that you are getting the higher grade WPC80 (80% protein), but in reality the industry standard is to blend in WPC34 (34% protein), WPC60 (60% protein) and other inferior WPC’s to lower the cost of making the product, all disguised under the misleading heading “Whey Protein Concentrate.” Check your protein labels: If the product includes "Whey Protein Concentrate" without declaring the exact type – don’t buy it. If the label lists the ingredients in proprietary blends, and doesn’t disclose the dosage of every ingredient - don’t buy it. WPC Bait & Switch is a common industry scam used to fool consumers into believing that a product is much better than it really is. It’s time to force dietary supplement companies to have full disclosure on their labels. It’s your body, demand to know exactly what you are putting in it. The FDA can’t do this, only consumers can achieve this by refusing to purchase dietary supplements that don’t have full label disclosure. It’s time to make proprietary blends a thing of the past and full label disclosure a necessity. wpc80-labelCheck out NutraBio's Classic Whey protein. The label clearly states on the front (and back) that it uses "PURE WPC80" and no other types of protein. wpc80-supp-factsNow, check out our label. Notice how we declare the exact dosage of the Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80) - both the source amount used (32.2g) and the amount yielded (25g). No other types of protein mixed in, no proprietary blends, no fillers and absolutely no BS. No hype is needed because the product is real and our label proves it! This is how all labels should read. You can hype a product all you want, but once you have full ingredient disclosure on the label, the real truth comes out. NutraBio products work because they are real - no tricks - no gimmicks and NO COMPROMISES!
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