Sweet Tea Super Carb Now Available

Dear wholesale partners,

Who doesn't love our Sweet Tea flavor profile!? It is hands down one of our most popular flavors. We have heard your requests and taken your feedback on wanting this flavor in some other products. I am happy to announce our 30 serving Super Carb is now available in Sweet Tea!

We had initially launched this flavor with one of our partner's, Underground Nutrition. The demand was so high and we had so many requests for this that we made the mutual decision with Underground Nutrition to make it available for everyone.

If any of your athletes or customers are looking for the perfect peri-workout carbohydrate, Super Carb is your answer. This product will help fuel their performance without the stomach discomfort, replenish glycogen stores for accelerated recovery, and help keep them hydrated.

To get your hands on this incredible new flavor, Sweet Tea Super Carb, please reach out to myself or your sales rep today!

Dan Margolis- Vice President of Sale

Josh Phillips- Southeast Sales Representative

Jovan Villalobos- California Sales Representative


Mike Alfieri
NutraBio National Sales Manager