Take a behind the scenes peek at how we manufacture the best proteins in the industry.

I just took this video during my morning inspection of the NutraBio production facility here in New Jersey. My favorite part of the day is walking the production floor, which I do multiple times every day. About 20 feet from my office is this observation area that allows visitors to watch parts of the NutraBio production process without having to suit up and enter the clean room area. As you can see by the reflection, I am taking this video through the observation window. This room is one of our three powder packaging lines. This morning we’re manufacturing Classic Whey Vanilla. The large white sac you see hanging contains 1200 pounds of protein that gravity feeds into a screw feeder that feeds the protein into the auger which fills the tubs. After the tub is filled and check-weighed, it passes through a metal detection tunnel which will shut the line down if any metal is detected in the bottle. Our protein is manufactured weekly to ship out to our customers and stores, so every bottle is fresh.This is a slow, small batch process that is done with extreme care. We still put the caps on by hand and inspect each bottle as it comes off the line. This on-demand process sometimes causes some backorders, which we are working to eliminate, but the end result is worth it because our customers get the absolute freshest protein possible. Once completed, the finished product will be palletized and moved to a quarantine warehouse where it will be held until it passes 3rd-party lab analysis to ensure it meets label specification. Our Quality Control Lab Manager, who has her doctorate in microbiology, is the only person allowed to sign off on the final release documents. Without that release, this protein will never be shipped. According to our SOPs, I can't even override the lab's final decision. QA operates as an autonomous department within the company. Some of the product release testings are done in our in-house lab. However, purity and potency testing is always done through a 3rd-party laboratory, and those results are published online for customers to view by lot number. So if you purchase this Classic Whey protein you see being manufactured in this video, you could enter the lot number on our website CheckMySupps.com and view that 3rd-party lab analysis to ensure you are getting precisely what we declare on the label.