3 Misconceptions in the Health & Fitness Industry

Article Written By: NutraBio Athlete Zane Hadzick

I've been around in the sports, health, and fitness industry for awhile now. I've seen plenty of great information and behaviors spread throughout the community and some not-so-great assumptions and behaviors. Read on to find three big misconceptions that need clarity and need to be put to bed!

1. Magic Foods

There are no magic foods! Sure some foods have characteristics that separate them from of foods, but there isn't a magic fat-burning food or muscle-building food. It's all about sticking to a well-rounded diet curtailed to meet your goals and staying consistent with it. Don't fall victim to unrealistic claims – if it seems like the benefits of a food are to good to be true then they likely are!

2. Training with heavy weight makes you huge and training with light weight makes you toned.

If you're training and pushing yourself in the gym, then the biggest factor impacting your physique will be how many calories you are consuming. If you are taking in ample calories, and in a caloric surplus, and training hard then you will gain muscle. Conversely, if you train hard and are in a caloric deficient you will lose bodyfat. Don't fall victim to old presumptions that training heavy automatically adds size and training light gets you toned!

3. Not all supplements are created equally

Check the label, check the label, check the label! Companies should be FULLY transparent with you! You deserve to know what you are putting in your body and the amount of an ingredient(s) you are consuming. Therefore, you need to know what ingredients are in your supplements and the dosages. Please don't blindly consume a product and assume it is what you think it is. Always big deeper, explore the research, and continually educate yourself – you deserve it! And remember – supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT your hard work, not substitute for it, so don't expect supplements to work magic either.

Please don't fall victim to these misconceptions. They seem to persist in the sport, health, and fitness industry. But now you know about them. Now you're aware. And now you won't fall victim to these falls claims, gimmicks, and advertisements!