UFC 230 NutraBio Athletes coming for the W

UFC and NutraBio Athletes, Shane Burgos, Julio Arce, and Lyman Good will be fighting in the octagon at UFC230 Madison Square Garden, NYC on November 3, 2018.

We asked each of the fighters a few questions leading up to the fight. Now that we are able 2 weeks out we can only imagine the emotions that come along with this sport. Keep reading for their answers!


1. What excites you the most about fighting at Madison Square Garden in NYC?

2. What are the emotions and feelings you experience during fight week? Do they intensify leading up to the night before?

3. Do you have any rituals or special things you do before every fight?

Julio Arce 15-2 also fighting in the featherweight division against Sheymon Moraes 10-1.

1. What excites me most about fighting at the garden is that my teammates are on the card and also I get to complete the trifecta. I got to box at the garden New York Golden Gloves in 2011, Glory Kickboxing December 2017 and now I get to do MMA in the biggest promotion. I am super excited about it.

2. As the fight day starts getting closer the excitement starts to build up more the thought that you put everything on hold to prepare for this one moment so it’s a mix of nerves and excitement.

3. I just like to relax and enjoy myself fight week take like a mini vacation and not worry about anything else besides my fight.

Shane ‘Hurricane’ Burgos 10-1 in the featherweight division is fighting against Kurt Holobaugh 17-5.

1 . MSG is the most iconic arena in the world! Every combat sports athlete dreams of competing there one day and being a New Yorker just makes the desire even stronger! It’ll be a dream come true to say the least!

2. The emotions are a little bit of a roller coaster on fight week. The beginning of the week is always exciting but as the week progresses it dies down because of the weight cut but then immediately picks right back up once the weight has been made. From that point on its go time!

3. I have no rituals or superstitions before the fight really. I just try to be around my family and friends to kill the time until we’re set to leave for the venue.

Lyman ‘Cyborg’ Good 19-4 fighting out of the Welterweight division against Sultan Aliev 14-3.