Uncovering The Truth: Mark Glazier on Protein Blends & The FDA

As the supplement industry continues to change, one thing remains the same: Mark Glazier, NutraBio CEO & Founder, tells it like it is. Since opening the doors to NutraBio back in 1996, Mark has learned all of the tricks and trades of the supplement industry. Educating the consumer has always been important to Mark Glazier. He's happy uncovering the truth about the supplement industry in hopes of creating smarter consumers world-wide. In this video below, Mark explains protein labels, what is required to be included on them and how the term "blend" can mean so many different things. Supplements can be deceiving. Tricky labels, fancy names and deceiving blends leave consumers guessing as to what exactly they are putting in their bodies. Most of the time, it all comes down to marketing. The classic story of the uneducated consumer who walks into a store and grabs the bottle with the fancy name or the shredded athlete from Instagram or the label with the biggest numbers on the front. These clever marketing techniques disguise cheap fillers as premium ingredients and the consumer unwillingly throws their money away. Meanwhile, companies that are making pure, safe and effective supplements, without the fancy labels and false marketing hype, sit on the shelves right next to these products and attempt to compete with these brands. no proprietary blends NutraBio stays far away from any unethical business practices or deceitful marketing and has been a leader in producing quality supplements for the last 20 years. NutraBio was one of the very first brands to entirely stop using proprietary blends and instead, list every amount of every ingredient with full label disclosure. Thanks to our friends at Smarter Team Training for inviting Mark to speak at their seminar last month. Stay tuned for more videos of Mark educating us on supplement industry regulations, supplement labels and protein spiking. Coming soon!