UpSorb Becomes a Top Seller
The Nutrition Store

Attention Retailers,

Upsorb has quickly climbed the charts to be one of our top selling sku's. Upsorb has taken the industry by storm and truly is a first of it's kind. This has become the #1 cart builder for retailers from coast to coast and is helping consumers absorb 67-2000% more of the supplements they're taking! Don't just take my word for it, retailers across the country are raving about this, check out the feedback below!

"I notice a big difference in how the same Creatine, BCAA's, Protein and Pre is now reacting. Finally, they came out with a product that increases your absorption rate to 2000%"- Tai Tran, owner of Xclusive Nutrition

"What an experience"- Vinny Nardz, owner of Foundation RX Brewster opening his Upsorb care package

"NutraBio dominates our shelves. Why? Because quality is a cornerstone of what we do and what you should consume. This is one of the few times we will forgo asking if this is right for you, NutraBio, with high confidence, will have something right for you. We've got eh Alpha EAA, 100% WPI, UPSORB etc."- Tom Mattice, owner of Myofactor Supplements

Mike Alfieri
NutraBio National Sales Manager