Why I take NutraBio's PRE Stim-Free, and is PRE Stim-Free the right product for you?

Stim-free means no stimulants such as caffeine. Let’s get the obvious reason you might want the take a stimulant-free pre-workout out of the way first. If you are sensitive to caffeine, but you still want to get the benefits of the active ingredients in pre-workouts (boost in strength, performance, recovery, etc.), then NutraBio’s PRE Stim-Free is for you! There are several reasons people avoid pre-workouts, but the most common reason I hear is that they don’t like how amped up they get (beyond their control), or that stimulants don’t make them feel well. I am not one of those people. I can tolerate stimulants, and I use them, but I also regularly use PRE Stim-Free as my pre-workout supplement. Why you ask? It’s so I don’t build up a tolerance to caffeine. Research has shown that people can be desensitized to the effects of caffeine in as little as one to four days. Therefore, incorporating PRE Stim-Free allows me to still feel the stimulants and get the benefits offered in NutraBio’s PRE when I do use it. I also use PRE Stim-Free if I had a lot of caffeine in the day already. For example, if I wake up and have some coffee, then meet up with some co-workers for more coffee, and then get ready to hit the gym. I’m not going to want more caffeine in my pre-workout, so I opt for PRE Stim-Free. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day seems to be safe for most healthy adults. The amount of caffeine you get in a day adds up fast! The average 8 oz cup of coffee has 100 mg (depending on how it is brewed). It’s very easy to get over the 400 mg mark! Another time I opt for PRE Stim-Free is if I train later in the day. In fact, if I train 6 hours before going to bed, I’ll choose PRE Stim-Free over regular PRE. Why? Recent research suggests a moderate dose of caffeine even 6 hours prior to your bedtime can have significant effects on your sleep. Sounds crazy, but we all know how critical sleep is for health and recovery, so I don’t chance it! These are just a few reasons to use stimulant-free pre-workouts like NutraBio’s PRE Stim-Free. I’m a BIG fan of the product and recommend to the clients I train and gym-buddies I hang out with. So, if you’re on the fence about pre-workouts with caffeine, give this product, that makes NutraBio unique in the supplement industry, a try!