NutraBio, a Brand You Can Trust

"As a consumer how will I know that NutraBio doesn't fool me? For all I know it could be claiming the same as any other supplement brand?" At NutraBio, we do NOT have any proprietary blends listed on any on our labels. We can’t hide ingredients because we have full label disclosure. Every single ingredient in every product we manufacture is listed on the label with its exact name and the dosage. When we add a protein like Whey Isolate into our product, we list exactly how much of it is used instead of hiding the dosage with other ingredients in a proprietary blend. We even list the exact amounts of the flavor and sweeteners. Our entire formulation is right on the label for everyone, including our competitors, to see. If we have a protein blend we only use Whey Protein Isolate as our source for fast absorbing protein and Micellar Casein as our source for slow absorbing protein. We never add whey concentrate to our protein blends so there is NO possibility to having prosweet or inferior WPC34 (Whey Protein Concentrate that is only 34% protein) in there. As far as protein spiking, we don’t add any amino acids to any of protein products as you will see on the labels so there is no chance that the product is spiked. Shown is the supplement facts panel for our Muscle Matrix protein. You will see we only use Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein and both are listed with their exact dosages. No proprietary blends. Every label is just like this. FULL DISCLOSURE!! muscle matrixThe label shows the exact amount of each protein listed it in a blend with other proteins. When proprietary blends are used there is no way to know how much of each protein is in the product. There is absolutely no reason to have whey concentrate and whey isolate in the same formula. They are both basically the same, except that more filtration is done to make the isolate purer with less fat, lactose and cholesterol and higher protein content. Whey Isolate is whey concentrate without the extra crap. It’s like filling a Ferrari’s gas tank halfway with high-test fuel and the other half regular low octane fuel. So why blend whey concentrate with whey isolate, it brings the cost down for the manufacturer and allows them to sneak in procream and WPC34. Everyone is now first learning about protein spiking because of the class action lawsuits that have been filed. But it’s not a new practice, it's been going on for years. The deceit behind whey concentrate and proprietary blends is a lot worse than protein spiking and it has been going on even longer. At NutraBio, we never use proprietary blends. We're proud of our formulas, and we disclose every ingredient along with its dosage.