Workout Through the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season already! This time of year can be extraordinarily busy. Whether you are in school trying to wrap things up before break, attending family and/or work-related parties, or preparing for the various holidays that happen this time of year, time can be extremely limited!

More often than not, the first thing that people deprioritize is exercise. It feels like everything else is a higher priority and exercise starts to feel like a luxury instead of a necessity. (But exercise is absolutely a necessity!) This year, let’s plan ahead and find a way to keep exercise a priority!

Here are a few tips to ensure this happens!

  1. Acknowledge it, commit to it, and tell others who will be supportive. If you let someone else know what your plan is, you are much more likely to follow through on it. And, if you don’t, whoever you told, will likely be able to provide support and encouragement for you to make your commitment happen!
  2. Take your preworkout, or start whatever your pre-workout routine is. I’ve witnessed this one firsthand and through anecdotal evidence. If you engage in your pre-workout routine, you are much more likely to follow through and execute the work out! Taking the first steps is often all it takes to follow all the way through!Get a workout partner and schedule a time to go together. Similar to the support system, if you have someone that you’re training with, you won’t want to stand them up and let them down. You will be much more likely to follow through and stay committed!
  3. Take a moment to visualize how good you’ll feel and how much happier, and more productive, you’ll be if you get the workout in. Let’s face it, working out makes us feel better, perform better, and be the best version of ourselves! So, take a moment to think it through. You will probably be better at all the commitments and things you have to do in your given day if you just make that small amount of time to get that workout in!
  4. Make the conscious choice to take something else off your to-do list in order to intentionally make time to exercise. It may not be easy, but it’ll be worth it! If you create the time and space in your life by scheduling it just like you would schedule other important things (like doctor's appointments or birthday parties) then you'll do it!

So, this year, don’t miss your workout. Make the time. Follow through. Get it in. Reap the benefits and allow yourself the ability to prioritize your workout and make it happen - I promise you that you’ll be way more satisfied and happier! And who doesn’t want that during this crazy hectic time of year?