Unmasking Whey Protein Concentrates: NutraBio's Commitment to Purity

When it comes to whey protein concentrates, the sports supplement industry often uses misleading labels, making it challenging for consumers to know what they're really getting. The term 'whey concentrate' is broadly defined by the USDA, allowing for a range of ingredients under this single term. This includes variations like WPC80 (80% protein) and WPC34 (34% protein), and even lower quality fillers like Procream.

Procream, often hidden in whey protein blends, is essentially the residual waste from producing whey protein isolate, containing high levels of fat and lactose. This deceptive practice allows manufacturers to market their products as high-quality whey isolate, while in reality, they contain minimal amounts of isolate mixed with lower quality concentrates and fillers. This is akin to a mechanic refilling your car with old oil after draining it, yet claiming to have performed an oil change.

NutraBio stands against this industry norm by never using inferior whey protein concentrates or deceptive proprietary blends. Our Whey Isolate and Classic Whey products are formulated with transparency, using only high-grade Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, respectively. With NutraBio, customers can trust the label, knowing that they are receiving pure, effective protein supplements without any hidden, inferior ingredients.