Zane Hadzick - Welcome To Team NutraBio

zanehadzickZane Hadzick is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He is happily married with two daughters, has his dream job in environmental science/planning and second career as a fitness model and sponsored athlete, and is the healthiest he has ever been. But it was a long, hard road to get where he is today and everyday he is confronted with new challenges! Zane was around 19 years old when he found out he was on the brink of Type II diabetes if he didn't start eating a healthy diet. He was also a college drop out and generally lacked motivation in his life. Slowly he navigated his way to a healthier lifestyle and put over 60 pounds of muscle on his skinny frame. With his new found self-confidence, he re-enrolled in college and proposed to his highschool sweetheart. Together they went onto graduate with 4.0 GPAs from both undergraduate and graduate school, traveled all 50 states and parts of Europe, and started a family of their own - all while living a healthy lifestyle! At 31 years old, Zane's goal is still to be healthy but now also wants to be a good role model for his family and help inspire other people to live a healthy lifestyle too! The spark that got Zane started was that his wife believed in him even when he didn't believe in himself so now he wants to pay it forward! Having a background in science and research and then attaining his NASM Certified Personal Trainer cerification, Zane became very aware of the importance of what we put into our bodies. Additionally, his strong commitment and passion for health set him on him a quest to find a company that produced high quality, effective products - that is how Zane discovered NutraBio. No proprietary blends, no protein spiking, no under-dosing ingredients, no banned substances, no hidden ingredients, no excipients, and no addicted - ever - and, it's all made in the USA! High-quality, fully transparent, safe, and effective is what Zane was searching for and what Zane found in NutraBio! Zane is beyond excited to join the NutraBio team. NutraBio's positive morals and mission to provide the highest quality, safest products without compromise align with Zane's core values! Zane is always striving to be his best self and live life with the highest sense of integrity, so it is a tremendous honor to be part of a company that prioritizes self-improvement and integrity too! Facebook: Twitter: Username - @ZaneHadzick Instagram: Username - Zane_Hadzick BodySpace: YouTube: Username - ZaneHadzick Pinterest: Personal Website/Blog: