ZMA Review by Liz Jackson

Product Review: NutraBio ZMA Vegetable Capsules Review by: Liz Jackson

52216Serving size: 2 caps for women, 3 caps for men Uses: Claims to promote restful sleep and better muscle recovery while promoting muscle strength and size My Take: ZMA is something that I just recently added to my supplement regimen, I have been taking it consistently for 8 weeks. I don’t think I have never been more impressed with a supplement! All my life I have struggled with falling asleep, staying asleep and just getting a GOOD night’s rest PERIOD.I take my ZMA as directed for women at 2 capsules, 30 minutes before going to sleep. I used a FitBit One to track my sleeping patterns and my sleep effectiveness. I have found since the implementation of the ZMA I fall asleep in around 3minutes-5 minutes and I routinely wake only once a night at around 4:30am and my overall sleep effectiveness is consistently around 94%. I have found that I wake up better rested, my strength is constant and I feel more powerful; I assume from the better quality of sleep, but there is also evidence that ZMA helps to increase overall Free and overall Testosterone, so that is another explanation. The recovery that comes while we sleep is vitally important in every person’s life but especially in the life of an athlete. Tough training regimens and the stresses that routinely put our bodies under makes proper recovery an absolute necessity. During sleep we heal, we rebuild and we GROW. If you are looking for a product to help get you to the next level, ZMA needs to be on that list! liz-small In Health, Liz Jackson Team Nutrabio