What is ElevATP?

ElevATP Supplement

You may remember ATP from your most recent Biology class. Turns out that sucker is pretty important. It also has a much easier to pronounce name – ATP. ATP is pretty much the only source of energy that humans can use. I said it was important, right? When we refer to energy in this context, it’s not the alert, awake feeling we’re referencing after we drink a cup of coffee (or 4). Rather, this is the actual energy substrate required to perform work (exercise), such as the Calories obtained by eating a bowl of pasta. What’s the difference?

Where Does ElevATP Come From?

Food or drinks like coffee that contain caffeine just provide a sensation of wakefulness that we perceive as being “energetic.” However, it is just that, a sensation – nothing more. Calories are what provide ATP through a process we know as metabolism, or better yet, respiration. Pasta, for example, has the potential to make thousands and thousands of ATP molecules, which is why we load up on it before races. It’s these ATP molecules that make their way into our cells to fuel muscle contractions from calves to diaphragm. And of course, without Calories (ATP), we’re not going to be placing in races.

We all love eating, but what if you could increase your body’s ATP without scarfing down big meals before races or eating another gel or bar? One answer is by supplementing with a groundbreaking new ingredient, ElevATP.

ElevATP Benefits & dose

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The name says it all. ElevATP elevates ATP. 2 studies have confirmed increases in circulating and intramuscular ATP levels following ElevATP supplementation (1,2). It does so by improving mitochondrial health and function. That means you can increase your ATP levels without food! This is huge for athletes. Especially endurance athletes who require tons of ATP. We’re not suggesting you abandon eating altogether – you’ll still need some substrate, but ElevATP can certainly help fill in some gaps by squeezing more energy out of each bite. Plus, not eating anymore would be very unfulfilling. Literally. That’s not all. ElevATP has been put to the test. Supplementation with ElevATP improves strength (3) and aerobic performance (4).

Where Can I Get ElevATP?


Increasing ATP levels is just one side of the see-saw, though. On the other side, you can reduce the ATP cost of exercise with beets/nitrates. You can read all about beets and nitrates here. PerformElite contains both ElevATP and Beet Root to make athletes as efficient as possible. Whether you want to elevate your performance, beat some PRs, or both, PerformElite is for you.


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