Gear Review: Jaybird Run Earbuds

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EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman give you an honest and unbiased review of the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds.

Full Video Transcription:

Good morning, Family of FAST. Matt Mosman, the Chief Endurance Officer over at EndurElite. Welcome to another unbiased review of some of my favorite or yet to become some of my favorite exercise, running, cycling, OCRing gear. Now let me preface this review a little bit first before we actually show you what product I'm gonna review.

Most Earbuds Don't Live Up To Expectations

So for the longest time, I've been searching for the best solution to get some music to my ears without all the wires, without having to carry my phone and just have it nice and simple and clean. Like, I like listening to music when I run. It makes it go by faster and makes it more enjoyable especially during hard workouts. But up until this point, I just...I haven't found anything that really works for me. I've tried the phone with the wired headphones. I've tried the wireless headphones but have that connection be behind them with the wires. Basically, I've tried everything under the sun.

Introducing the Jaybird Run Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds

So the other day I saw something that kind of piqued my interest and I've heard about these before and these are the Jaybird wireless Bluetooth headphones. So I looked at these and like, "Hey, this might be a solution to my problem because they're wireless, they work with my Apple Watch which can store music, I don't have to carry a phone, I don't have to have any wires hanging or snagging all around and from what others have said, they said the sound quality is pretty good, the product is pretty good, etc." So I was like, "You know what, I'm gonna give this a try." So truth be told, right off the bat, I bought these myself. They did not send these to me so you know that this review is gonna be honest and unbiased.

Jaybird Run Features

So what the Jaybird Run headphones feature or promote. Basically, four hours of playtime on one charge plus another four hours if you bring this little case along with them, you pop it open and you can kinda see in there that the headphones are stored in there and it'll actually charge for additional four hour playtime. Also, you can charge it for about five minutes and that'll give you another hour of playtime. On top of that, they're water resistant.

Jaybird Run Custom Ear Fittings

They come with a whole slew of fittings for your ears, both for your ear hole and for your ear channel so they stay in place. So there's three or four, I believe, in there where you can kinda customize the fit to your ear so you can have a nice snug comfortable fit, which is actually a really cool thing because my ear holes are different sizes so I kinda had to play around with all the different fins and ear buds in there to get the exact fit. So what I can report so far is that they actually feel pretty comfortable in my ear, the sound is good which actually brings up another good point.

Then There Is The Jaybird App

The Jaybird Run, you have an app you can actually go into and you can adjust, like, the bass, the treble and get it to sound absolutely magnificent if you want. Now I had them in my ears just like walking around and like I said, the sound sounds really good. The sound quality is there, but I'm really interested to see what happens when I start running with them because I haven't actually field-tested them yet and this will be the second part of this review.

In other occasions when I've used wireless earbuds, you know, not true wireless in my opinion with the connection behind with the wire, the sound quality was kinda crappy and it would cut out. So I'm really interested to see how the Jaybird Runs do when I actually put them to the test.

So, I'm gonna leave the review at that for today. I'm gonna give these Jaybird Run wireless earbuds a good test for about a month and then I'm gonna follow back up around with my field test experience and give you the final verdict on these things. All right Family of FAST, that's all for the first part of this review for today and until next time, stay fueled, stay focused, stay fast and stay informed.