The EndurElite Story

Funny an individual who viewed one of my videos asked if I was a salesmen or doctor...I got a laugh from it. I thought this warranted a story about my (Matt Mosman) background and why EndurElite was created. So here you's lengthy but worth the read:

My endurance journey all started when my Dad told me about the 2-mile record at Kuemper High School in Carroll Iowa. I had never run a step in my life up until that point but at that exact moment, I knew I wanted it. After 2 years of 100 plus mile weeks pounding the pavement and hours of sweat, blood, and tears I just didn't beat the record...I crushed it! This was a defining moment for me as from that point on I knew endurance exercise would play a huge role in my life and career.

After high school, I ran Division I cross country and studied exercise science at Creighton University. I wasn't the best but I was good enough to win a few meets and finish in the top 10 in most races. More importantly, during my time at Creighton, I had the chance to work and do research with one of the leading supplement experts in the world, Dr. Jeff Stout. As an athlete I wanted to do everything I could to reach my maximum potential and supplementation with research proven ingredients played a big part in getting me there.

After Creighton, I went on to complete my Masters in Exercise Physiology while competing as a semi-pro runner for a well known running shoe company. It was also during this time I obtained a certified sports nutritionist certification (CISSN) and strength and conditioning certification (CSCS). This was all in preparation to land my dream job working as a research scientist within the sports nutrition/supplement industry.

Before starting EndurElite, I worked with the big boys in the supplement industry for 15 years mostly designing and doing research on supplements designed for the bodybuilding crowd. But one day during a run I had a revelation. I realized that there are all these companies out there that design well-made supplements for meatheads but none for endurance athletes.

The ones that did make supplements for endurance athletes often hid their formulas in proprietary blends or used ineffective ingredients/dosages tested on rats, not humans. I knew I had to do something about this. With my background and experiences, I knew I could make far superior products for the same price that had the research behind them IN HUMANS. This all culminated in starting EndurElite in February of 2017.

EndurElite is not built on hype like 99.5% of supplement companies. All EndurElite products are formulated by scientists and not some big budget marketing team that feeds you BS. Between myself and my partner (Jordan Joy), we have over 100 peer-reviewed publications on the topics on nutrition, supplementation, and sports performance. Simply put we have been in trenches, done the research, and know how to make a product that is guaranteed to enhance your endurance performance.

These days I am not competitive as I once was but I still love to run and hop on the road/mountain bike from time to time. However, what I am fully committed to and passionate about is making you a better endurance athlete. I will never cut corners to make an extra buck on my products or hide my formulas in a proprietary blend. You deserve to know what you are putting in your body and the best have nothing to hide. EndurElite will ALWAYS disclose every single ingredient and dosage on the label and ALWAYS use ingredients that have the research to back them up.

In sum, we will only make products that we trust to take ourselves. No fluff. No fillers. No false promises. Only products that help you push the limits of endurance performance, crush PRs, and bounce back quicker from training.