The Top 5 Joint Supplements For Athletes

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses 5 joint supplements endurance athletes should consider taking to decrease joint pain and inflammation, increase mobility, and improve lubrication.

Video Transcription:

Oh, hello, there, it is nice to see you again. I have a few questions for you today. Are you an endurance athlete who gets out of bed in the morning and it sounds like gunshots are going off? Do you get up from the couch and make sounds like, "Aah, aah," and when you walk around, does it look like you are tiptoeing through the daisies constantly? If so, you may be old. Symptoms of being old are farting dust, starting most of your sentences with, "Back in my day," and then also referencing how we used to walk to school through eight feet of snow, up hills, both ways. And finally, one symptom of getting old is constant joint pain. Man, I should be a pharmaceutical spokesperson.

Good morning, EndurElite family of fast. Today, we're gonna talk about your aching joints in the top five supplements that may help you out. Now, as an endurance athlete, most of joint problems are gonna be coming from overuse, high impact activities that are repetitive in nature are like things like running, cycling, obstacle course racing, pretty much every single endurance sports.

Most Joint Supplements Have Been Studied In Non-Athletic Populations

Now, the good news is there are a lot of research proven supplements out there that can help with overall joint health. The bad news however is, most of these studies are done in an elderly population, an obese population, or a population that already has osteoarthritis. There are actually very few studies examining the effects of joint supplements on endurance athletes and their overall joint health. So, this video isn't a very strong recommendation for joint supplements that may work. It's just a little bit early to tell in my opinion, but we'll at least discuss some of the supplements that the research has examined. And there is one that has been done on endurance athletes, but it's only one study so, far from conclusive.

So, what we gonna do is we discussed the top five today and these instead of going to in-depth on each one, we're just gonna basically say, you know, what all these can do. I'm gonna give you a nice little chart that lists the top five with the recommended dosage and then we'll kinda wrap this whole video up. So, with all these joint supplements I'm gonna talk about today, they do things like decrease joint inflammation, improve joint mobility, help with lubrication between the joints, help with the tendons and ligaments around the joint. They may help with cartilage as well and there are a few other things here and there with these supplements, but that's the majority of what they do.

Top five joint supplements for endurance athletes that may work

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin

  • Turmeric/curcumin

  • MSM

  • Hylauronic acid

  • Type two collagen

  • Cissus

    So, definitely check those out. I'm gonna provide some links to below as well. So, you can look at each one, again, see if it might be the right fit for you, and then maybe incorporate them into your endurance training program. Now, like I said in the beginning, this is how we're gonna wrap it up. These joint supplements may or may not work for you. Again, the majority the research is done on elderly populations, overweight populations and those with the osteoarthritis. But again, that doesn't mean they're not gonna work for you. In fact, I actually take quite a few of those supplements that I recommended and they seem to help me with kind of those aches and pains and minor things come up that, you know, come along with being an old fart, 40-year-old man.

    And you guys, know me, if I know of or like a supplement that I feel works really well, I'm gonna recommend it even if it is from a different company. And the joint supplement I've been taking is R3 by NKO Labs. And I'll put a link down below to this joint supplement here. Now, full disclosure, like, I am not sponsored by these people. It's just, you know, things I've tried along the way with, you know, me being in the supplement industry and this is by far the best one I found. This one has type II collagen in it. It has MSM, which we mentioned. It has turmeric/curcumin, which we mentioned, and then it has chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine.

    So, definitely check out the NKO Labs R3 if you really want a high-quality joint supplement that has all the right ingredients in the right amounts. And again, it may work really well for you. So, that is about all I have for joint supplements today, my endurance friends. If you have an old fart friend that walks around bitching about his aches and pains, please share this video with them. If you want other videos like this, head on over and subscribe to the EndurElite YouTube channel or go on over to the EndurElite blog Get social with us on Instagram and our Facebook training and nutrition club page. And until next time, my endurance friends, stay fueled, stay focused, stay fast, and stay informed.