What Is Bulletproof Coffee? Is Bulletproof Coffee Good For You?

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses if the benefits being claimed by bulletproof coffee are true or just a bunch of hype.

Does Bulletproof Coffee Have Any Benefits Or Is It Just Bunk?

Ever wonder if the claims being made about bulletproof coffee are true or a bunch of hype?

  • Consisting of coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter, and medium chain triglycerides, this magical concoction makes some pretty hefty claims without any scientific backing.
  • Such as increasing testosterone...NOPE...only steroids do that.
  • Increases lean muscle mass...POPPYCOCK...strength training does that.
  • The next three claims are tricky because while true they have nothing to do with the combo of ingredients in bulletproof coffee but more due to the caffeine.
  • These are increases metabolism, improves energy, and enhances mood/feelings of well being.
  • Take home point? There is nothing special about bulletproof coffee and most of the benefits are due to the caffeine which also happens to be found in regular coffee.
  • Link to full bulletproof coffee video here...it’s a knee slapper.