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EasyBlend Mixer

EasyBlend Mixer

Regular price $15.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $15.99 USD

Experience the ease of the NutraBio EasyBlend Mixer, designed to instantly mix supplements without the hassle or foam. Learn More

SKU: 79052
EasyBlend Mixer
Regular price $15.99
Regular price Sale price $15.99

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SKIP THE SHAKE, EMBRACE THE EASYBLEND—your ultimate solution for hassle-free mixing!

Gone are the days of vigorously shaking your bottle and dealing with unwanted foam. With the powerful EasyBlend Mixer, you can seamlessly integrate your favorite supplements into your routine. Whether it’s pre-workout, protein, meal replacements, collagen, or even your morning coffee, the EasyBlend ensures a smooth mix with minimal effort.


This innovative FDA-approved, stainless steel hand blender is designed to simplify your nutritional regimen. Its robust mixing power allows you to thoroughly blend any powder with liquid in seconds, leaving no clumps behind and without creating excess foam. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean and store, thanks to the included EasyBlend Mixer stand.


The EasyBlend Mixer is sleek, lightweight, and perfect for both home and on-the-go use. Powered by batteries (sold separately), this device ensures you can enjoy a perfectly mixed drink anywhere you need it.



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