Super Carb Test

Let me break this down for you real quick before we get all scientific… Do you remember that kid in school that always knew the answer to what the teacher was asking, worked much faster then everyone else, sat right in the front of the class because they were so cocky, and they were even good looking too? Well that’s Super Carb! It’s the answer to all the questions, it’s always right, it works much faster than any counterparts, and hell lets be real it, looks cool too! Ok so now that you know the real deal lets learn what Super Carb does, why it’s a better choice of carbohydrate, and go over many of its amazing ways you can use it. What does Super Carb do? Super Carb also known by its real name Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin or HBCD’s) offers a rapid gastric emptying time based on its low osmolality and high molecular weight, thereby allowing for faster absorption of nutrients. In layman’s terms this means HBCD’s are absorbed through your stomach faster, there allowing you to use this energy and store faster as glycogen. Why is Super Carb a better choice of carbohydrate? If you’re any type of athlete the first thing you need to think about before an event is where am I going to get my fuel? Until recently, athletes’ carbed up on high sugar energy drinks they thought were tasty such as pasta, white rice, and many other forms of carbohydrates. The problem with this is if you ingest too much sugar you will crash during your exercise bout or event, and if the carbs aren’t absorbed and stored as glycogen, they are sitting in your stomach slowing you down. Super Carb has been shown to have the fastest gastric emptying, and lowest gastrointestinal distress related to any other form of carbohydrate. Why is this? Let’s look at osmolality! Osmolality is the number of molecules of a given substance in a kilogram of liquid. To have high osmolality would provide much slower gastric emptying speed. To give you better understandings of this use this as an example. A bucket of water has 200,000 sugars in it. After these molecules dissociate you have 200,000 glucose and 200,000 fructose molecules in solution. It would make sense that this solution has a high osmolality since it has 400,000 molecules total. The same amount of carbs from HBCD’s would be 4,000 one-hundred long glucose chains. These numbers are not exact but hopefully you get the point. The high sugars would actually get held up in the stomach while HBCD’s travels like a rocket through your stomach and into the intestine for quick absorption. These HBCD’s glucose chains are slowly broken down, resulting in a fast absorbing but long lasting sustained energy supply without blood sugar crashes. Some ways you can use Super Carb!! -To Carb up for a game or event: use the day before, right up until right before the event and even sip on during for continued energy (this can include any sport, events such as marathons, cycling, swimming, or even power lifting) -To Carb up for a bodybuilding competition: use during carb up process -Pre-Workout and Intra-Workout: use so your body has a constant supply of energy throughout the most demanding training sessions - Post-Workout: use for replenishment of glycogen How Do I personally use Super Carb? I use Super Carb in a multitude of ways. I always use it intra-workout no matter what. Depending on the day I may use 2-4 scoops on average. In the off-season I may use a little bit more for longer higher volume workouts, and when in pre-contest while cutting carbs I might use a little bit less but none the less its always there. I also always use this intra-workout with Intra-Blast which I find is an amazing combination. I also rotate depending on the day meaning work schedule, training time, and length of workout whether I also use it Pre-Workout or Post-Workout. This serving is usually 3 scoops. Pre-workout I use this with additional Intra-Blast and Post I have it with Whey Isolate. by Dan Margolis