Top 5 Supplements For Martial Artists & Fighters

UFC 164: Gaudinot v ElliottTrain Like A Champion Training in MMA is going to wear you down, mentally and physically. MMA pushes your body through grueling workouts, beyond the limits of other activities. You train hard, every day, to make sure you are prepared when it comes time to step into that octagon and face your opponent. But when it comes to supplements, most MMA athletes tend to stay away. These athletes are not looking to “bulk up” or “get huge” like a bodybuilder but instead, they want to pack on lean muscle while keeping their energy levels high and recover quicker. With the correct supplements added into your daily routine, you will see an increase in performance, endurance and recovery, allowing you to train harder, longer and more often. MMA: UFC Fight Night-Belfort vs Henderson FIGHTER FUEL (pre-workout) Often times, martial arts and other endurance athletes are discouraged about using pre-workouts because of the stimulants. Many pre-workouts on the market are overloaded with unsafe levels of caffeine and other stimulants that increase the heart rate, head rush and tingling feeling and as a result, the dreaded crash. FIGHTER FUEL is a low-stimulant pre-workout supplement designed specifically for martial arts and endurance athletes. It provides steady, continuous energy throughout your workout without over doing it. It is scientifically formulated to deliver the vital nutrients needed to increase muscle strength and endurance, build resistance to muscular fatigue, improve mental focus and intensify workouts so you can train harder and longer. Each of the 25 active ingredients in Fighter Fuel is designed to get you the absolute most out of every workout. Every active ingredient is provided in its full therapeutic dosage and for a specific purpose. For example, research shows that Beta-Alanine increased the punching power of boxers by 2000% in the last 10 seconds of a round. Why are there carbs in Fighter Fuel? One of the most serious downfalls of pre-workout supplements is the absence of complex carbohydrates that are needed to fuel intense workouts and prevent muscle catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue for use as fuel). Fighter Fuel‘s carbohydrate formula contains complex carbohydrates which are used to top off glycogen stores to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown during training and give you consistent and long lasting energy. INTRA BLAST (intra-workout) We've all had Gatorade or some other sugary drink while we exercise. We are told that the sugar will pick us up and keep us going, when really it's incredibly unhealthy and only works for a quick surge, followed by a crash. INTRA BLAST is the perfect intra-workout drink, to help your body rehdrate, recover and rebuild, while you train. It is loaded with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) to accelerate your bodies recovery. Research has shown that BCAA's can spare muscle wasting during prolonged exercise and in athletes, BCAA's are proven to provide energy to working muscles. intra-blast-jimmie-rivera Every ingredient in it has an incredible dose to help accelerate your recovery and fuel your performance. This is a highly advanced formulation built specifically for the performance and recovery needs of serious athletes. Every time you workout, your amino levels in your muscles start to deteriorate. This slows down your recovery and limits your levels of strength. By supplementing INTRA BLAST during your workout, you will start recovery as you train! This will help you feel less sore after training and be ready to take on the next opponent. SUPER CARB (pre-workout and/or intra-workout) MMA Athletes train hard and need more energy and endurance than most athletes. Carbohydrates are key to your energy source. They provide extra energy and thus avoid a negative energy deficit. For endurance athletes, carbohydrates will mobilize power and enhance length of training sessions. super-carb-louis-gaudinotSuper Carb contains a therapeutic dose of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) with added electrolytes to fuel even the most grueling sparring session. HBCD is the newest carbohydrate source in sports nutrition and the gold standard of performance energy. It's a great alternative to whole food carbs, corn starches or maltodextrins out there because it is highly soluble (absorbs quicker) and has low osmolarity (speeds up gastric emptying time), reducing stomach discomfort during exercise. Another benefit is that HBCD is absorbed gradually and ensures that there is a continued uptake into the bloodstream, this can help to keep you training harder for longer. MRP (as a meal replacement or a snack in between meals) Most MMA athletes go right from school or work, directly into training and don't have time to get in the proper nutrition to fuel their bodies. MRP is a complete meal replacement for people on the go. With the precise combination of macronutrients and micronutrients, MRP provides you with an easy and efficient way to get in your meals. MRP combines proteins, carbs, fats and fiber to fuel muscle, keep your metabolishm high and get your body lean and fit. Kick convenient fast food to the curb with a delicious MRP shake on the go. nutrabio-muscle-matrix-mrp-ratio ZMA (before bed) You just finished training and before you know it, you'll be back at the gym. You don't have any time to waste, that's where ZMA comes in to help. Recover while you sleep. ZMA is an advanced formulation, designed to significantly improve muscle strength and endurance as well as accelerate healing and tissue repair when used in conjunction with intense weight training. A university research study also found ZMA to significantly increase free testosterone levels and total testosterone levels in trained athletes. Take a couple of these before bed and you'll sleep better than if you were put to sleep in a "Pace Choke". Nick Pace Choke Wrap it all up Are supplements completely necessary? Of course not. Will they help you elevate your training to the next level and become a faster, stronger athlete? Yes. In the end, when you step into that cage and face your opponent, you'll have the confidence that you trained longer, harder and more frequently than they did.