What Type of Protein Is Best?

If you have ever looked at the ingredients on the back of a bottle of protein (which we hope you have), than you would know that there are many different types of protein. Isolate, Concentrate, Hydrolyzed, etc. Some brands create their very own "Special Protein Blend" made up of mostly cheap additives and only a little real protein. For the sake of keeping this article less than a thousand pages, we are going to strictly discuss NutraBio protein options (which don’t use any fillers or additives). This article will hopefully shed some light on the different types of protein and based on how and when you will use it, which protein is best. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE This is the most basic form of protein and a good choice for a beginner as it is the most affordable. WPC has more fat, cholesterol and lactose than other types of protein but again, it is the most affordable. You can find everything from WPC-34 to WPC-80, where the number (34, 80, etc.) is the percentage of “actual” protein in it. So, if you were to buy WPC and it was made using only, or a majority of, WPC-34, it would only actually contain 34% protein. Some brands will try to confuse you and use blends of concentrate with isolate and just show the total amount of protein, not the individual ingredient amounts to boost there numbers. NutraBio Whey Protein Concentrate uses onlyWPC-80, meaning that it is 80% protein. For the highest quality whey protein, stick with Whey Protein Concentrate 80% only or move up to Isolate. WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE wpi This is one of the quickest absorbing proteins and also the purest form of whey that exists. Whey protein isolate has the best overall amino acid profile, biological value and protein efficiency for building muscle. WPI is a more expensive form of protein but it is 90% protein by weight. Due to its fast absorption rate, WPI makes for an excellent post-workout protein to deliver the essential nutrients needed to help your muscles recovery and grow. Our unflavored version contains absolutely nothing but whey protein isolate and our flavored versions contain a small amount of flavoring, that’s it! WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE NATURAL natural protein isolate This is the same high quality Whey Protein Isolate only with an natural stevia sweetener for flavor. MICELLAR CASEIN Casein Protein has the slowest absorption rate, allowing it to provide a steady stream on protein to your muscles over a prolonged period of time (typically 4-6 hours). Casein is a great choice for right before bed as you it will help keep your body anabolic throughout the night and help your body utilize the nutrients while you sleep. Casein can also be used in the day to provide your body with protein over an extended period of time. Especially helpful when you can’t get sufficient meals in during the day. MUSCLE MATRIX The only blend that NutraBio makes, with full label disclosure to show how much of each protein (only 2 types used) is in this formula. Muscle Matrix is a complete protein, containing 30 grams of pure, complete protein derived solely from 55% Whey Protein Isolate (fast digesting) and 45% Micellar Casein (slow digesting). What’s the point? This precise combination of proteins elevates muscle protein synthesis for up to 4 continuous hours, providing the perfect anabolic state for maximizing muscle growth and repair. One Muscle Matrix shake will provide your body with instant protein as well as prolonged protein, the perfect mix to get you through your day or night. NutraBio Muscle Matrix is made from only pure WPI and Micellar Casein. We do not mix in any inferior proteins like WPC or anything else. MUSCLE MATRIX - MRP muscle protein This is a meal-replacement powder and much more than protein. Perfect for mid-day snacks or meal replacements for fitness enthusiasts when a healthy meal option is not convenient or available. MRP has a 40:40:20 structure, of 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fats and a variety of minerals and vitamins for micronutrients. Similar to Muscle Matrix, MRP uses a combination of fast-digesting whey protein isolate (50%) with slow-digesting micellar casein (50%) to cover all your protein needs throughout the day. MRP utilizes highly branched cyclic dextrin for complex carbs to provide your body with enhanced endurance with no stomach discomfort found in simple carbs or maltodextrin. The 20% fats are healthy fats, MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil. HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN The fastest absorbing protein that requires little to no further breakdown to achieve rapid and complete absorption. Low in calories and fat. This is the purest grade, non-denatured protein made from 100% USDA Grade A milk and contains no acid-treated whey. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is the most expensive source of protein because it is the highest quality. Not only does it absorbs the fastest but it is said to have the least impact on the body, creating less bloating, cramping or stomach discomfort. A great choice for post-workout, as it digests quickly and will give you continuous gains in muscle size and strength with quicker muscle recovery. SOY PROTEIN Good source of protein for those looking for a vegetable sourced protein. Low in carbs and fat, Soy Protein is also loaded with glutamine, arginine and BCAA’s. The FDA has approved the health claim that Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease. Soy Protein has also been found to boost thyroid hormone output, as a result, speeding up metabolism which aids in fat loss. A good choice for people looking to lose fat while also packing on lean muscle gains. Ideal for post-workout or for protein intake throughout the day. EXTREME MASS Similar to MRP, EXTREME MASS is more than just a protein and uses a combination of proteins to deliver all day energy. 70% of the total protein comes from whey protein concentrate (WPC80) for quick absorption into muscle, and 30% comes from pure micellar casein for sustained release protein absorption. Extreme Mass is the best option for someone looking to put on weight, as it has additional protein, calories and carbs, which help spike insulin because our maltodextrin contains a small amount of sugar, where cyclic dextrin (in MRP) does not. IN CONCLUSION Deciding what protein to use, depends on what your goal is. Are you looking to put on weight? Are you looking to lose weight? Are you looking for just 100% pure protein or are you looking for a blend of protein and carbs? In the end, no matter what your goal is, go with a protein that is made with 100% quality ingredients, with full label disclosure and no proprietary blends. There may be a thousand different protein options available to you but once you do your research and figure out what exactly you are looking for, full label disclosure will ensure that you are getting just that and nothing else.